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Orchid CPA specialize in Tax, Accounting, Consulting and Business Services.  We service Individuals, Professionals, Entrepreneurs, and Businesses.  With us, you can expect expertise, excellent service, and undivided attention by Certified Public Accountant.  We focus on rendering personalized service for every client. 

Orchid CPA is your tax adviser, accountant, and business consultant. ​


Our Mission 

To serve and protect the clients and help achieve their financial & business goals through:

• Client Advocacy   

We connect and listen to our clients so that we can understand their needs and objectives. 

• Commitment  

We constantly look for ways to provide benefits to our clients.  We are committed to protect our clients by ensuring that our services are in accordance to the laws and rules of Board of Accountancy.

• Excellence 

We ensure that our clients receive the top notch services by consistently enhancing our skills and knowledge.


Our Core Services

• Tax Compliance & Planning 

We stay on top of current new developments in tax laws to ensure that you do not miss any important tax credits, deductions, & exemptions that you are qualified to take.   Tax planning is critical to minimizing your tax liabilities.  Thus, we make tax planning a big part of your overall tax filing.


• Business Services 

Business Start-up. Talk to us if you are thinking about starting your business or ready to start your business.  We will tell you everything you need to know.  We provide personalized, attentive service that focuses on understanding the individual needs, goals and challenges of each client. 

Grow Your Business. We understand the unique needs and challenges of owning and operating a business.  Leveraging years of experience, we specialize in helping entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes reach their goals through expert accounting, tax and finance services as well as business consultation.


• Accounting 

Accounting is composed of 10 cycles, from bookkeeping to financial statements reporting.  Leave it to us to handle your accounting and bookkeeping.  We provide all around services.  We will organize your expense receipts to a professional financial reports that are acceptable by bankers, creditors, IRS, and other institutions. Financial planning is one of our specialties.  It is important for individuals, families, and businesses to monitor and assess the health of their wealth.   We can help you achieve your desired financial health.


• Consulting 

Innovations and creative mind are the two main ingredients of success in business.  We can help you research, generate ideas, gather information, and challenge your imaginations.  We are experience and knowledgeable of business trends.  We stay on top of the consumer demands.  We can help you bring out the ideas in you.  Orchid CPA offers all around business services that you need for your daily operations.